a single day without hearing from you might as well be forever,
for a day feels like a year, an hour feels like a month, 
a moment feels like a week, & a second feels like a day.

you have come to know me very well in the short space of time
that we have known one another.
i love the way we laugh & joke
and that we laugh so hard at times it starts to hurt,
you are fun to be around & fun to be with.

i love the way we can talk so easily
and be so comfortable with each other,
this is something i have not experienced on this level before.

i love the way we know what the other is often doing without knowing at all,
that we feel the same things though we are far apart.

think the same things write the same things yet neither of us have known what the other wrote, 

the things that can only happen between us coincidences to many to be mere coincidence something beautiful strange & sweet,
happened from the moment we met.

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